Dee Mistry Creative

With over 10 years experience helping start-up companies with design consultancy, branding and visual comms, Dee has been integral in developing the Scotty Robson Photography logo and branding. Dee is a joy to work with, offers an excellent service and delivers quality work. Why not check out Dee Mistry Creative yourself or contact him directly on


jAlbum is powerful web album software that allows you to easily create a professional online photo album, for personal or business use. Using the jAlbum desktop software and the hundreds of album templates, you too can create that great look. On top of the great product, jAlbum support is simply brilliant, and their forums are active and extremely helpful. But you shouldn't need the help because the jAlbum software is so intuitive and easy to use.

This website is designed and created with jAlbum, so why not try it yourself for free from, and join the community as well as creating a beautiful online album for your photos.

Pratibha Mistry

Pratibha has always loved painting. Training as an illustrator took Pratibha through a journey where she explored working with oils, acrylics, colours and textures. Pratibha's work ranges from abstract to portraits to motifs and suits a variety of locations, from living spaces to therapy rooms to special events.

Ganesh Buddha Bubbles Spiral Ganesh Warm Buddha

You can see my photos of some of Pratibha's work in the album here, or you can check out Pratibha's gallery at and do get in touch directly at if you would like to buy her artwork or discuss something bespoke.

Fro Knows Photo

Jared Polin, aka The Fro, has been an inspiration to me, and I wouldn't be where I am today without Jared's help. Jared is the driver for which offers lots and lots of useful content for free, including a weekly podcast called RAWTalk, product reviews, 5 minute portraits, quick tips and so much more. In addition, has a number of video guides for sale that include a Beginner's Guide, and Flash Guide and a DSLR Video Guide.

Jared is an extremely knowledgable and experienced photographer and businessman, and he has brought together a team of experts to offer lots of awesome content. If you don't already, you should follow him and check out his website at


Protect your camera gear and images for FREE with Lenstag. You can add your cameras, lenses, laptops and anything else to Lenstag and get global protection plus so much more.

So how does it work? You sign up for free either on their website at or via their iOS or Android apps. Then you add the model and serial number, with a photo of the serial number, of every item you want to protect. Once reviewed, your items will be confirmed, then not only is your gear protected, if any of your images appear online using your gear, you'll get notified too. It's simple to use and FREE, so why not check out.

Lenstag is not a replacement for insurance and it will not prevent your gear from being stolen, but it may help to get your gear back.

Amazon Prime

I'm not normally one to promote big business, they don't generally need the money, but Amazon Prime offers one thing that every photographer, pro and amateur alike, can benefit from...unlimited photo backup. For £79 you can store unlimited images through a decent user interface, structuring the folders as you want, or it can mirror the structure on your computer. On top of this, you get Prime Delivery, Prime Music, Prime Video and so much more. Personally, I'd pay £79 per year for just the photo backup alone, so to get ALL of these benefits, it's so worth it, in my opinion. I wanted to share this because I don't think it's widely known.

Other brands are available.